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Warranty Information

Think Easy Australia sells outright unlocked mobile phones & tablet devices that come with manufacturer's warranty. Unless clearly indicated otherwise, phones are not locked and can be used on any compatible network (eg Telstra, Vodafone, Optus).  We can assist with any warranty matters.

Warranty Procedure:

Early Life Failure (First 14 days):
If your phone/tablet is faulty within the first 14 days from invoice date, please contact us and we can arrange a replacement.

Warranty Period
If your phone/tablet is faulty during the Manufacturer's warranty period, you can simply take your phone and tax invoice (proof of purchase) to your closest authorised service centre. We can also assist.

Mobile Phone Handset/Tablet Manufacturer's Warranty Information

Brand Warranty Period Phone No. Website
Nokia 24 months 1300 366 733
Samsung 12/24 months 1300 362 603 Samsung Cyber Service
Sony Ericsson 12 months 1300 650 050
LG 12 months 1800 638 080  
HTC 12/24 months 1800 987 039
Motorola 12 months 1300 138 823
Apple 12 months

Note: This table lists the warranty period for the handset.  Any included accessories such as batteries generally come with a shorter warranty period as outlined in the warranty documentation that is included in the box.